Qualities To Consider When Looking For A Placement Firm

You made the choice to devote yourself to the medical profession and spent years in training. The next step is finding the right place to work. The medical group or practice you decide to join will impact your quality of life both as a medical professional and on a personal level as well.  The right practice setting will support you to achieve the goals you set for yourself when you first gave thought to the practice of medicine. 

For medical professionals seeking the best possible position, the process is different than simply searching the internet for an interesting listing. You will need support and backup. A placement firm can provide you with leads to a variety of openings. 

How to choose a placement firm becomes the next step in the process. What makes one placement firm different, or more effective, than others? 

Look For The Team With Industry Experience And Knowledge

Only consider a placement firm with specific experience serving medical professionals. When a placement firm operates within the bounds of specialized industry, they develop long-term relationships with employers that can smooth the way for you when you are looking for a position.

Communication Is Key

When physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in California ask, “What are good qualities in qualities in a placement firm?” the chief factor to look for is a staff of people who are ready to communicate with you. Contact the firm and speak to their senior staff members and assess their responsiveness to your questions. Evaluate them. This first interview with the placement firm will help you decide which firm to select. Are they courteous, professional, enthusiastic, straight-forward? 


A talented placement firm is there to assist you in the interview and negotiation process. A good firm will routinely offer suggestions that may improve your presentation, from updating your curriculum vitae to insight into the interview process.

Your Ally In The Medical Field

You can perform extensive research when answering, “What are good qualities in a placement firm?” When you put your faith in the hands of Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc., you will quickly find that we take a very personal approach, taking the time to work with you during your search for a position. For more than 25 years, we have pursued our goal of connecting talented physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with the positions they seek.  

Whether you are in search of locum tenens or a permanent position, our experienced, knowledgeable team has the solution. Get in touch with us today. We look forward to working together.