Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement?

Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement?

You are now contemplating retirement, have made a firm decision to retire and have set a date, or have retired. Now what? For many, retirement means time to travel, spend more time with family, and pursue new, or long-neglected, interests. For some, these activities may, or may not, be satisfying enough for the 20 or more years that most Americans expect to spend in retirement.

There are countless reasons to consider working after retirement in California.

Doctor Speaking With Patient

You Are Needed

A physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistance shortage is occurring at an increasingly rapid pace. All medical groups and clinics have openings. You can help by filling these openings until permanent practitioners become available. 

Life-Work Balance, Maintain Skills 

For people who thrive on the social aspects of the workplace, taking occasional locum tenens or per diem assignments can provide the perfect balance in retirement. You have skills you have acquired and honed over a long career in medicine. Continuing to work gives you the opportunity to use those skills, thus maintaining them, and pass along your vast depth of knowledge to others. 


In the best-case scenario, you have put aside a specified amount of money for your retirement. You have put a significant portion of that money in assets that will increase steadily without risking loss.

Even if this describes your current situation, there is no predicting volatility in any financial market. Occasional locum tenens assignments will help ease the transition from your full-time position and receiving a steady income to the changes that occur when you enter retirement. 

Increase Your Social Security Benefits

Until the age of 70, you can delay the onset of your monthly Social Security checks. If you continue working, you also continue to add money to your overall Social Security account.

By the time you reach 70 and begin accepting Social Security payouts, you could have as much as a 30 percent increase in your month-to-month benefits.

Find Your Place Again And Again

At Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc., we specialize in finding placement for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. For those considering working after retirement in California, we have an array of locum tenens and permanent positions throughout the state. 

There is no reason to stop doing what you love just because you have retired. 

Contact Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc. today to discuss possible locum tenens or per diem positions.