How to Attract Talented Candidates To Your Practice

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Attracting the right candidate to your practice can be a challenge. If you have been wondering how to find candidates for your practice in California, the following tips provide an overview of how to make yourself more attractive to those medical practitioners currently looking for a position.

Decide What Makes You a Competitive Employer

The best way to attract the right candidate is to become a competitive employer. For example, if you want to attract top talent to a rural area, you will need to compete with practices in larger cities. One way to do this is to offer a competitive compensation and benefit package that rivals those offered in the metro areas. In the metro areas a compensation increase, bonus plan, or flexible scheduling can tip the scales in your direction.

Networking contacts can be useful to help you find out what other practices are offering for similar positions. Gathering this information from a variety of sources will allow you to fashion an attractive package for your prospective employee or employees and at the same time prepare for negotiations. The more information you gather prior to negotiating with a candidate the better. You will have the bargaining tools available to create the best offer for your candidate.

Find out during the interview process what your new practitioner wants for their future and career path. Some practitioners may want to become a partner while others prefer to maintain employee status. Consider alternative paths to offer that would make them excited about joining your group. Professional development opportunities are often less expensive than a compensation increase and providing an opportunity for individual growth will directly benefit your entire practice.

How to Find Your Best Candidates

To maximize your chances of finding the best candidates for your opening, think about, and then target the kind of candidate you want. If, for example, you are a rural practice, look for candidates from similar backgrounds. They are more likely to be familiar with the area as well as the benefits of working with smaller independent practices. Consider the culture of your medical group or practice and who will fit and bring balance to the established group. Having specific qualities in mind will help guide you to find the best possible practitioner to join your practice or group.

Utilizing the resources of placement firms can be helpful and used in conjunction with your own search efforts.
Placement firms are a viable source for available candidates. Tracy Zweig Associates, which specializes in physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant placement in both locum tenens and permanent positions in California, is focused on assisting you with your search. Call us today to learn more about our placement services and how to find strong candidates for your practice.