How Your Online Presence Can Help Your Career Path

In order to fully showcase your education, training, skills, and expertise, an established, professional online presence is recommended before you begin to apply for open positions. Employers and recruiters are interested in seeing your most current information and your networking contacts may be able to expedite your job search if they have a better idea of your strengths.

Building your professional brand within the medical community is one of the most important things you can do to start, or advance, your career. Please read these professional online presence tips to establish yourself in California and then contact Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc. for placement assistance.

An Online Presence Audit

Doctor Using Cell Phone

What comes up when you Google your own name? If it includes anything you would not necessarily want splashed across the front page of a newspaper, start with removing those items immediately. Your future employers will search for you online to ensure that you will represent their practice appropriately and professionally, therefore it is important that you project that professionalism online as well.

Professional Websites

LinkedIn is the go-to career networking site. Recruiters use it to search for new candidates and it allows you to keep in touch with coworkers, friends, and family as well. If you do not already have a LinkedIn profile, create one as you would create a curriculum vitae. Highlight your professional strengths and include a statement regarding what kind of positions you are seeking. Be sure to include a clear, professional headshot, if you choose to use a photo, and update your information frequently to keep yourself visible.

You may also wish to create a professional website that performs a similar function. Make sure it has an “About Me” page and includes your contact information.

Social Media

Social media can be a boon for candidates because it allows you to share information and express opinions in a casual way, however be aware that employers will look through what you share and judge accordingly. It is advisable to keep your personal accounts “locked” or private. Keep your public comments professional and on topic. Twitter and professional Facebook pages are great opportunities to share research, news of achievements, and areas of interest.

When utilizing social media professionally, be sure to use the same headshot and profile information in order to establish your brand. If you are currently seeking a job, it may be wise to mention it in your profile. Anyone viewing your profile may have the connections you need.

Professional Online Presence Tips for California Job Candidates

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