Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

Many prospective employees are able to present themselves well and answer questions during an interview, but when it comes time to ask the employer their own questions, they falter. Part of interview preparation includes having a list of questions for your prospective employer during the interview. These questions have dual purpose. They will spotlight your interest in the practice and how you can become an effective member of the staff and they may provide an opening for additional conversation regarding the position allowing you to determine if it is a good fit for you.

Physician Interview

There are many excellent lists of possible questions available online. These questions typically fall into three distinct categories: job description, compensation/benefits, and work culture. In order to know what questions to ask it helps to have some information about the medical group or practice you are considering, the person or panel who will be conducting your interview, and a clear outline of your career and professional goals.

An important part of the first interview is to focus your questions on the vision and goals of the practice, any unique challenges the practice is facing, how you can best become a part of the team and support the practice in plans for growth, and how the practice handles conflict resolution. It is best to allow the employer to bring up the discussion of your specific schedule, salary, and benefits during the first interview. If the interviewer does not bring these topics into the initial interview conversation, it is acceptable to ask when this discussion will take place. At the conclusion of the first interview be sure to ask what the next step in the process will be and find out specifically when you will hear from the practice about this next and very important step.

Here are a few sample questions you can use for your next job interview:

What is a typical day in the practice?

Asking this question can give you a better sense of what you can expect day-to-day and the answer may reveal something you had not thought about previously and lead to another question or open a conversation.

What is the group’s vision for the future?

Does the practice hope to expand? Will other specialists be added to the team? How does the practice market itself?

What are the group’s core values?

The practice mission statement, casual or formal, will provide insight into how the practice operates as a group and how you can contribute to those goals and values.

If there is a conflict, what is the resolution procedure?

Whether it is a patient complaint or a conflict between employees, it is helpful to know how your employer solves these problems and if there is a procedure in place for conflict resolution. It is important for you to know if they do not have a plan in place and if they do have a plan, how that plan is implemented.

This is very small sample of some of the questions you might ask of your interviewer during a job interview with any practice in California. If you decide to work with a placement firm during your job search, the firm’s experts will be able to provide additional insight into questions you might want to ask given your particular circumstances and needs.

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