How to Balance Work and Life

Work Life Balance

There has been extraordinary stress and anxiety for medical professionals during the COVID-19 global pandemic, therefore it is more important than ever to strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Carving out time to pursue current interests or to delve into something new will relieve some of the pressures of work and help reduce the risk of burnout.

Leave Work at Work

The lines between work and private time have become increasingly blurred in recent years due to the current situation as well as the ever increasing advances in technology. It is nearly impossible to turn off thoughts of patients you have seen, upcoming procedures and tasks, or work that requires completion. Finding simple and engaging ways to unwind can help flip the work switch to “off” for brief or prolonged periods. Finding a method that is personally effective can lead to less stress overall.

Here are a few more tips for creating a solid work-life balance:

Find Your Escape

Exercise, mediation, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, chess, card games, reading, cooking, gardening, books on CD in the car during the commute. The list is endless and choosing an enjoyable, absorbing activity is completely personal. Immersion, deep concentration, and intense attention are the some of the essential keys to moving mental focus away from work for a period of time and, even in small doses, can lead to great benefits. Closing both eyes and doing nothing for one minute can be enough to hit the re-set button. Testing and trying out different forms of mental or physical immersion to find what is most effective and enjoyable can be a fun task in and of itself, an adventure, and a path to new discoveries.

Set Some Goals

To avoid making a fun or stress-reducing activity seem, or feel, like another job, something that must be scheduled,  try experimenting with how, when, where to fit it in to an already taxing work routine. The release derived from short moments away from the routine, mental vacations, minor breaks in the day can be invaluable.  Another key: have some fun.

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