Qualities To Consider When Looking For A Placement Firm

You made the choice to devote yourself to the medical profession and spent years in training. The next step is finding the right place to work. The medical group or practice you decide to join will impact your quality of life both as a medical professional and on a personal level as well.  The right […]

Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement?

Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement? You are now contemplating retirement, have made a firm decision to retire and have set a date, or have retired. Now what? For many, retirement means time to travel, spend more time with family, and pursue new, or long-neglected, interests. For some, these activities may, or may not, be […]

Tips for Writing a Professional Curriculum Vitae

Writing and maintaining a professional CV is critical to your career. It is quite often the first impression a future medical director or employer will have of you. A good CV requires detailed crafting to appropriately convey education, training, and practice experience. The quality of your CV can affect future opportunities and professional growth. It […]

Combating the Physician Shortage in California

California is facing a physician shortage. This physician shortage poses a serious challenge to both the medical industry and its patients. What is causing this shortage? There are a variety of factors coming in play. Here is the scoop on current statistics and future predictions regarding the physician shortage in California. Alarming statistics One third […]