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How to Balance Work and Life

There has been extraordinary stress and anxiety for medical professionals during the COVID-19 global pandemic, therefore it is more important than ever to strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Carving out time to pursue current interests or to delve into something new will relieve some of the pressures of work and help reduce the […]

Benefits of Working with a Placement Firm

The benefits of working with a placement firm on your search for a new medical staff member or for your next position in California are numerous. Whether you are an employer or searching for a position, a professional placement firm can save you significant time and effort. Tracy Zweig Associates, Inc. is a registry and […]

Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

Many prospective employees are able to present themselves well and answer questions during an interview, but when it comes time to ask the employer their own questions, they falter. Part of interview preparation includes having a list of questions for your prospective employer during the interview. These questions have dual purpose. They will spotlight your […]

Qualities To Consider When Looking For A Placement Firm

You made the choice to devote yourself to the medical profession and spent years in training. The next step is finding the right place to work. The medical group or practice you decide to join will impact your quality of life both as a medical professional and on a personal level as well.  The right […]

Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement?

Should I Work Part-Time After Retirement? You are now contemplating retirement, have made a firm decision to retire and have set a date, or have retired. Now what? For many, retirement means time to travel, spend more time with family, and pursue new, or long-neglected, interests. For some, these activities may, or may not, be […]